Florist at the HLEBOZAVOD

Russia, Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya street, 1, Khlebozavod

Ashot Karapetian

3D visualization:
Anna Laskina

Ashot Karapetian
Arina Gerzog

The flower shop-workshop is located in the legendary constructivist complex of Bread Plant #9, in the radial building. At the beginning of the 20th century, at a time of active industrialization, a bakery was built using the latest conveyor technology to supply the rapidly growing population in Moscow. This explains the radial shape of the building. Now the bakery is an example of the redevelopment of an industrial area in the era of the post-industrial economy. There are cafes, stores, art spaces and studios.
The design of the flower shop is in the traditions of constructivist architecture - form = function = aesthetics.
The hues and materials of the interior were selected to emphasize the natural beauty and naturalness of the main exhibits in the store - flowers and plants.
The shop-workshop
is located in the radial building of the constructivist complex of HLEBOZAVOD #9.
Floral is divided into three main zones:

1. Racks for displaying products
2. Zone with a coffee table
3. Zone with a table for the master
1. The plant rack fits into the entire plane of the wall and forms a molded architectural form of the space.
Due to the large volume, it accommodates a significant amount of produce that does not need to be stored in an enclosed warehouse. The products are evenly illuminated by spherical lighting fixtures. And the profile light - adds depth to the space and forms beautiful lighting for photos.
2. The area with a coffee table is gladly used by guests of the workshop, here you can have a cup of coffee with a friend, think over the choice of colors or just talk to the master. The availability of coffee tables in stores is a rarity, which is a mystery to us. After all, it's more pleasant to wait for your order on a cozy chair with delicious coffee while you get on with your business than on your feet.
3. Master table is a multifunctional furniture solution that has a place for small products, cash register, material storage and a working plane on which the master makes floral arrangements. The working plane and products are brightly illuminated by the profile lamp, decorated with arched forms.
In addition to the lamp, there are many radial and arched elements in the interior: Aperture, lower green shelves, mirror, wall-mounted rusted circles for various scale products and name - this artistic device reflects the overall design code of HLEBOZAVOD No. 9.
For connoisseurs of beautiful
architectural graphics -
we make posters
with our projects.

"Floral at the Bakery."

For connoisseurs of beautiful
architectural graphics -
we make posters
with our projects.

"Цветочный на Хлебозаводе",
А для ценителей цветочной продукции вот ссылка на их ИНСТАГРАМ
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