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We have been working across the galaxy since 2014. Our mission is to create humanistically directed architecture for people, where everyone can feel comfortable and inspired.

Each project is a unique story that is written together with our colleagues and clients - from concept to details.

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Ashot Karapetian
Architect, founder of KRPTN
The media write about us. And we write to the media.
Architects presented the project of a park along the Makarov embankment
Urbanists and architects, with the support of the Urban Projects Foundation, developed a master plan for the Zasrosy park along the Makarov embankment in St. Petersburg. They proposed to preserve the wild vegetation of the coastal zone and make a park "with relief, access to the water and a chaotic variety of plants. However, the city authorities plan to pave the area with a road.
In the center of St. Petersburg suggest an unusual park "Zarosli"
St. Petersburg architects and urbanists have developed a master plan for the Zarosli Park along the Makarov Embankment on Vasilievsky Island.
St. Petersburg risks losing a beautiful embankment
Urbanists and architects, with the support of the Urban Projects Foundation, have developed a concept for a park called "The Backwoods," which shows what the waterfront could turn into if it could be protected from motorists.
7 films, series, and lectures about design by architect Ashot Karapetian
Why does everything around us look like this? Architect, founder of KRPTN Ashot Karapetyan specially for Cinemaholics made recommendations for movies, TV series and videos about design and architecture, which will help you realize the extent of the influence of design on everyday life.
Ashot Karapetian's Exhibition Pavilion at the Museum
Young Ekaterinburg architect Ashot Karapetian built a pavilion on the Krymskaya Embankment for photographer Alexander Gronsky's exhibition "A Special Invitation / Where You're Wanted".
Young Architects of Russia. Get in line!
The 344 pages cover the portfolios of 48 participants, both single architects and entire offices. For the first time the issue has such a volume, it covers a wide geography and sets a certain point - the seventh edition differs from all the previous ones in the line in size, format, structure and internal logic.
Russia's Best Public Spaces 2017
A sandbox near the Yeltsin Center was named one of the top public spaces in Russia in 2017 by Strelka Magazine.
10 Architectural Events of the Decade
Architect Ashot Karapetian presents the most significant, from his point of view, 10 architectural events of the last decade.
Multicolored coffee house with colored coffee in Moscow
"We got a spectacular spatial solution - a person literally dives into the color, which creates a vivid impression over a cup of colored coffee. This is a case where color is a product, a material and a function," notes the architect.
How to work effectively in isolation when everything around you is distracting.
Together with the architects, 66.RU has compiled some rules to help you find a workspace in an apartment of any size. As an example, we took the layout of an apartment in Shishimskaya Gorka and tried to organize an office area in it.
What is a city?
In this podcast Ashot lays out the architecture of Ekaterinburg, explains why we like to build shopping malls "out of gold," and explains why the Ural Academy of Architecture will never be the same without the famous smoking room on the stairs.
The Behind the Back Podcast
In this issue, Ashot Karapetyan, architect and founder of the bureau, is a guest. He talked about his collaboration with the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, how the architecture of public spaces affects people and about his dream of one day designing a school.
Comfortable City: How and Why It Becomes Human Friendly
On Facebook and VKontakte of Cranberry, we run author columns. We give the floor to interesting people who talk and write about the city, its development, spaces, and developments. Columnists are urbanists, architects, and journalists. Let them talk about topics that are interesting to us and to you.
Talented young designers and artists have two more weeks to apply for the prestigious international Lexus Design Award 2019. In a special project dedicated to the award, Esquire talked to engineers, architects, artists from different Russian cities and found out who and how creates the look of the future.
32 Transformation Project
Ashot Karapetian.
Designs public spaces for people
A project about urban transformations. More precisely, about people whose actions change our city.
Business and Life
"BL" decided to find out what's in the heads of the children of coffee shops - those who today create a wonderful new world of ideas and needs, and tomorrow will send your unhappy business to the dustbin of history.
The Industrial Biennale as a metaphor
The instrument factory building was like a piece of plasticine that could be sliced, changed, and imagined at will. We simply took the space and cut it to fit the necessary functions and, if it needed to be developed, this was easily accomplished by mounting or dismantling it.
The Calvert Journal
Yekaterinburg architects reinventing Constructivist heritage for the 21st century
The "yacheyka" was an experimental concept for an apartment, developed by Ginzburg and his team in the 1920s. Constructivist ideas of experimentation and co-operation run through Yacheyka's practice, as the bureau often collaborates with other local architects, notably Ashot Karapetyan.
The Village
New Uktus: Where the rivers and hills area is heading
The Village, together with Brusnika and architects from Yekaterinburg, looks into how the neighborhood has changed and developed.
The Village
Different Generations - About Childhood and Youth in Sverdlovsk
We invited parents and adult children to meet at the Dubrovin Restaurant of Contemporary Russian Cuisine, which is located in the hotel, and share what happened to them on the same streets at different times.
Business Lynch by Artemy Lebedev
This summer, a huge sandbox by Yekaterinburg architects Ashot Karapetian and Pyotr Lyubavin appeared near the Yeltsin Center on the embankment of the city pond. The area of the sandpit is 190 square meters. The changing configuration of the sides of the sandbox...
Sandcastle Landfill
Improvement of public spaces is a popular thing these days, but not all of its elements can be called well-tested. We are used to paving, benches, lime trees and maples, but the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg built a huge 190 m2 sandbox in front of the main staircase.
The Village
Park at Yekaterinburg Arena: From the Concept to the Championship
The Urals architect Ashot Karapetian walked with S&P director Miroslav Shtuka through the Boulevard Ribbon in the condition in which the guests of the 2018 World Cup saw it, and also criticized the blogger Ilya Varlamov, and asked how the new space was created and how the result corresponds to the concept.
The Village
How the Iseti embankment on Uktus is being renewed
The Village Ekaterinburg found out what is already ready on the renewed embankment, what has yet to be done, what difficulties the creators encountered and how much the embankment cost. We also asked independent architect Ashot Karapetyan to comment on the new project.
The Village
Ashot Karapetian - about tracks for work and concerts on YouTube
Design Guide to Yekaterinburg: Public Spaces, Architecture, and Galleries
Yekaterinburg is the real capital of constructivism, and although there are more buildings of this style in Tel Aviv, they are mostly small private buildings, while the Urals buildings are more varied in nature. There are factories-kitchens, and palaces of culture and sports, and kindergartens, and baths, and hospitals, and residential complexes for various Communist estates. But the symbol (now, even without the inherent functionality) of constructivism in the Urals (let it be said, in the world as well), is the White Tower. It is what most Urals designers and architects would call a source of inspiration.
Arhitector №5 2015-2016
Iron pragmatism
ARCHITECTOR Digest examines the history of the emergence and development of high-tech style
The Village
New spot: Overshakes and ramen at the Gastronome
Over the weekend, a food court for gastronomic startups was opened on the second floor of the Bolshoi department store at the intersection of Malysheva and Lunacharskogo, with residents changing every three months. The organizers of the Gastronome food festival created hothouse conditions for first-time restaurateurs, where they can test the concept and menu, assess their strengths and see how viable the project is. Over the course of a year, 20 projects have to go through the site, five per quarter.
The Village
Architect, restaurateur, ballet dancer: What is being read in Yekaterinburg
Literary culture, which was quiet in Yekaterinburg in the mid-noughties, is successfully reviving. Closed bookstores are reopening - a recent Yandex study highlights the benefits of this decision. There are several reading groups operating in the city, and citizens are actively sharing their thoughts on what they read on Instagram
The Village
A designer sandbox at the foot of the Yeltsin Center
A huge designer sandbox appeared on the embankment of the City Pond in Yekaterinburg. The object at the foot of the Yeltsin Center was created by the architects Ashot Karapetyan and Pyotr Lyubavin. The press service of the center informed The Village that the sandpit will be opened on Saturday June 24th at 17:00.
The Village
New place: Amy Wine House Wine Bar
A wine bar opens on the second floor of the new department store "Bolshoi" in Yekaterinburg in a week. Together with Teleclub and the Print House restaurant, Amy Wine House is part of the Teleclub Group. The small bar with a wide black marble bar, bottle-glass wallpaper and signature bubble-glasses will serve tapas from chef Vladimir Olkinitsky, freshly baked bread, Greek and Ligurian olives, ceviche, roast beef, organic and biodynamic wines, sparkling wines of different countries, orange and green wine.
Its My City
New department store in the center of Yekaterinburg opens space for food start-ups
Ashot Karapetian, the Yekaterinburg architect who designed the interiors of the "Sleep" club and the renovated "Print House", worked on the Amy Wine House project. Inside there is a wide black marble bar behind which there is enough space for a sommelier and a guest with snacks. The bar has nine seats and there are seven high bar tables with chairs by the window. It is convenient for two people to sit at them.
Its My City
Restaurant Street will change Lenin Avenue
Architect Ashot Karapetian told IMC about an ambitious project to change Lenin Avenue from Turgenev Street to Karl Liebknecht Street. Now there is actually a restaurant street there after opening a burger place "Fire", a restaurant "Pasta / Wine" and a Grot-bar. But this is just the beginning - a covered pedestrian interchange similar to Parisian passages or Milanese galleries may appear in Yekaterinburg.
From Sverdlovsk to Yekaterinburg
Ashot Karapetian, an architect and interior designer, told BERLOGOS about the spirit of innovation embodied in Soviet buildings.
A pop-up here and a pop-up there
BERLOGOS round table on the concept of temporal spaces.
A pop-up here and a pop-up there. Part 2
BERLOGOS round table on the concept of temporal spaces.
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