Eric Bulatov. Freedom exists.
Exhibition at the Yeltsin Center

Yeltsin Center

Russia, Yekaterinburg, 3a Boris Yeltsin St.

Art Gallery of Yeltsin Center.
Total square area: 2000 sq.m.

Ashot Karapetian, Pyotr Lyubavin (AB Yacheka)

Ilya Shipilovskikh, Sergey Popov, Natalia Sidlina

Nina Pastukhova

About the exhibition:
A retrospective exhibition of graphics by the largest contemporary Russian artist Eric Bulatov. More than 150 graphic works from the artist's collection and private collections for the first time have opened the mystery of Bulatov's creative method, which allowed the artist to achieve international recognition.
The exhibition consists of six sections, arranged in chronological order. The exhibition opens with drawings made during his studies at the art institute, and closes with sketches for sculptures Erik Bulatov has been working on lately. Most of the works are being shown for the first time. More about the exhibition here.
The tables cut invisible planes in space and mark the entrance to the sections of the exhibition. Thus, the red edges of the tables form six different groups of the exhibition. The technique of multidimensionality, where there is the space of the viewer, the plane of section and the space behind it, is borrowed from the paintings of Eric Bulatov.