A Modern Interpretation
First City Theater

Provincial Dances Modern Choreography Theater

Russia, Ekaterinburg, 43 Lenina Ave.

About the space:
In the middle of the 19th century, the first plays were shown here. At the beginning of the last century, the building became the first movie theater and operated in that role for more than a hundred years. For a short time, the building was filled with various offices and stores, and the main function was relegated to the background.

But in 2021, the building was handed over to the Provincial Dance Theater of Contemporary Choreography.
The task arose to return the building to its original historical function, but with a modern approach to organizing a multifunctional and technological space for people.

The light gray colored facades, white decorative elements, and windows with black bindings returned the building to its restrained historical image.
Between the pilasters - neatly arranged vertical posters.

And the corner windows on the first and second floors became media screens with the help of rear projection technology.

The layout of the building accommodates many functional areas:
A large and small performance hall, two rehearsal rooms, a dressing room, a café, an exhibition gallery, a gift store, a dressing room, a restaurant, and an office.
At the entrance to the theater - there is a glass vestibule through which more natural light enters. The transparency of the entrance area creates a visual link between the street and the interior, thereby inviting the passerby to come inside.
There is also an elevator barrier-free connection between the three levels of the building: the entrance area (0.000 mm), the main hall on the first floor (-0.600 mm), and the gallery on the second floor (3.500 mm).
2. The main hall is a multifunctional public space with a free layout.
During the day - here you can meet your classmates, socialize, or work as a team, shifting tables in a comfortable configuration.
And in the evening - you can sit at a table and listen to performances from the small stage.
With the help of lighting equipment in the room the lighting scenarios and atmosphere can be easily changed.
The second-floor gallery is a modern exhibition and recreational space. There are projectors on the ceiling of the lobby, which project digital art objects and audio-visual installations around the gallery.
4. The rehearsal room occupies a large room above the entrance. It used to be a movie theater with the windows and openings blocked from light. We uncovered all the historical elements, allowing natural light to enter the rehearsal room and the second-floor gallery.

5. The gift store is set above the small stage. There are shelves of books along the perimeter of the store. In the middle of the room there is a multifunctional counter with products, cash register and coffee machine.
6. Small stage - equipped with curtains of different colors and spotlights for a quick change of atmosphere on stage.

7. The main stage is equipped with a system of stage structures - canvases on rails and hinges, which can be used to create different visual scenarios.
By moving the canvases around the stage and illuminating or projecting video images on them, you can create a more immersive experience for the audience.