LEXUS LS. Secret room

ORGMASTER event agency, LEXUS Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg, 60 Metallurgov St.

Interior design:
Ashot Karapetian, Katya Andreevskikh

ORGMASTER event agency

Maxim Mordvintsev

About the space:
In the garage of Lexus Yekaterinburg building there was a pop-up show-room to demonstrate the flagship model to the premium customers. Because of the room's numerous visual debris - we covered the walls with drapery of a pleasant cream color, against which the main exhibit is contrastingly positioned. To illuminate and emphasize the car a parametric light form was placed above it, which delicately repeats the smooth shapes of the exhibit. And the client enters the room through a "forest" of plants, which seem to shield the contrasting and minimalistic space from the eyes, where there is no room for superfluous elements.