Park Zarosli

Russia, St. Petersburg, Makarov Embankment

Project website:

Ashot Karapetian

Sergey Komarov

Ilya Kuleshov, Leonid Andrukhov

About the project:
The project was developed on the principles of co-creative design together with activists and non-indifferent residents of St. Petersburg.

About the concept:
There is a global problem in the historic part of St. Petersburg
Improvement - there is practically no green embankments in accessible areas for pedestrians.
Potentially, one such place is a piece of the Makarov embankment on Vasilevsky Island at the mouth of the Smolensk River. It was unpopular because it is surrounded by industrial zones and the embankment can only be accessed from the side of the aggressive highway by walking on a narrow sidewalk.
There is a proposal to connect the bank of the green embankment with the 4th and 5th lines of E.O. pedestrian bridge. The existing trampled paths should be filled with crushed stone. Concrete structures remaining on the embankment - to improve into an overhead pedestrian walkway, which will open a view of the greenery and the Malaya Neva. Thus, by connecting the trail to the Makarov embankment from both sides - a long pedestrian route along the Malaya Neva from the 4th and 5th lines to the Serny Island will be created.
Today the only way to get to Zarosli is from the noisy road junction at the Betancourt Bridge.

We propose to make an easy pedestrian bridge over the Smolenka River in the alignment of the 4th and 5th lines of the E.O.

This bridge will connect the pedestrian route along the bank and open a through passage through the park between Vasilevsky Island and Decembrist Island. And will give direct access to the green embankment from the Sportivnaya metro station.

Мы хотим сделать здесь классный парк с пляжем, местами для гриля, рыбалки, спорта и кусочком нетронутой природы, которая уже захватила это место.